Art Director


When it comes down to a great AD, to me my 3 pillars are:

I. Intense attention to detail and mainly for delivering the client’s vision. No one wants to waste time seeing round 30 of that presentation.

II. Hands-on experience. For me, this means a lot of production experience. I’ve made some complex animations and video edits, down to on-air print graphics. Along the way, that means a lot of tricks in knowing how to make things faster.

III. Staying top of mind. Being a savvy AD should mean knowing their trade. For me, that means doing my research, figuring how to make it brand-able and unique while still efficient and creativity through my diverse background.


NBC, Sony, Nestle, Hershey, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Toys “R” Us, Rock of Ages, Law & Order, Macau, Diamond Resorts, Barclays Capital, Benjamin Moore, Fujifilm, OxyContin, HPV, Gardasil9, Pneumovax 23, BD, Eliquis, Boehringer Ingelheim


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Publicis Group (Contract)     
2016–Current  New York, NY
Digital Senior Art Director. Rebrand of award winning and global account, innovative editorial
E-mailers, selected top designs for TV poster campaign, led team for rich media banner ads, raised brand awareness through global and US social media posts, style guide accolades, pulled across multiple brands for PowerPoint talent.

Razorfish (Contract)     
2015 – 2016    New York, NY
Digital Senior Art Director. Won client accounts for HTML5 rich media banners, E-mailers and overall launch of mobile flexible Award for inspirational interactive TV pharma ad. Turnkey solutions in digital, web and print production and digital retouch work.  

Rev Health (Contract)     
2015    Morristown, NJ
Web and Print Production Designer. Creation, updating and QA of web and print ads, E-mailers, HTML5 banner ads, iPad ads and PC PowerPoint deck work. Creation of original illustration vector artwork, iconography and logo design.

Trivergence (Contract)     
2015    Fort Lee, NJ
Presentation Specialist producing electronic presentations for new business pitches. Awards for creative Hilton deck design. Concept and execution of inspiring visual PowerPoint presentations. Creation of
E-mailers and campaign digital artwork.

Xura (Formerally Acision, Staff and Contract)     
2012 – 2014    New York, NY
Senior Art Designer for Winner of innovative educational website, GUI designs and interactive game design. Creation and rebrand of web, print, marketing materials, illustrations.

MTelegence (Contract)     
2012 – 2014    Lincroft, NJ
Senior Art Designer for Creation and rebrand of web, print, marketing materials, illustrations. 
Creation of .com web interface and GUI design for

McCann RCW (Contract)     
2012 – 2013    New York, NY
Graphic and Web Designer. Creation and updating print posters, adverts, flash banners, video content, and overall website page updates.  

Microfirst (Contract)     
2011 – 2012    Oakland, NJ
Screen Designer, conception and execution for the interface of the Sands Macao casino brand launch.  

MWW Group (Contract)     
2011    East Rutherford, NJ
Corporate Presentation Specialist producing electronic presentations for new business pitches. Concept and execution of visual presentations. Innovative marketing designs to Pharma based clients. (Contract)     
2011    New York, NY
Digital Designer for playhouse clientele. Concept, creation and wireframes of .coms, Email Blasts, flash and static web banners, Front of House and all print material. 

Toys“R”Us (Contract)     
2011    Wayne, NJ
Web and Print Designer. Creation of Launch for new Baby Registry brand. Print campaigns, illustrations and logo design work.

BD (Becton Dickinson) (Contract)     
2011    Franklin Lakes, NJ
Web and Interactive Designer. Creation of iPad, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, interactive CDs, flash banners, dual language interactive flash questionnaires, print ads and marketing materials. 

Benjamin Moore (Contract)     
2010    Montvale, NJ
Web and Print Designer creating online ads, internal marketing materials and trade expo graphics. 

Barclays Capital (Contract)     
2009 – 2010    New York, NY
Internal Web and Print Designer for Williams Lea. Design work branded with intense precision to relay the Barclay brand.  Projects include 2010 calendar, banners, posters, informational and marketing literature, website landing pages, interactive flash animations and to extensive stock image research.

de Boer Media Group (Staff and Contract)     
2003 – 2009    Secaucus, NJ
Senior Art Director for marketing and on-air graphics. Projects include: corporate branding, outdoor media graphics, press kits, sell sheets, package design, illustration of logos and iconography, HTML5/flash banners, E-mailers, and complete .coms.



◾◾◾◾◾ Android & iOS  
◾◾◾◾◾ PC/MAC OS
◾◾◾◾◾ Photoshop
◾◾◾◾◾ Illustrator
◾◾◾◽◽ HTML5, XTML
◾◾◾◽◽ CSS3, Java Scripting
◾◾◾◽◽ Dreamweaver
◾◾◾◾◽ Flash & Flash Catalyst
◾◾◾◾◾ PowerPoint/Keynote
◾◾◾◾◽ InDesign
◾◾◾◾◽ QuarkXpress
◾◾◾◾◽ Microsoft Office


BFA     Rutgers University        
1998 – 2002  New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Specialist subject: Graphic Design and Multimedia


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